Sunday, October 4, 2009

Watermelon Yogurt

Did you know that there are seasonal yogurt flavors? I knew about they existed in the world of ice cream but recently I saw watermelon flavored yogurt. I guess it is a summer thing. I like watermelon but couldn't imagine how it would translate to yogurt so I bought one. The color was fantastic and while I'm sure it was created using some kind of dye it really was a feast for the eyes. In the end I quite liked it. Though, I must admit, I nearly spit out the first bite. At first it tasted disgustingly like a mushy watermelon jolly rancher. Gross. But I was hungry so I powered through and decided that should Dannon do the flavor again next summer I'll buy at least one container.

1 comment:

Zac said...

I guess you're just used to spitting out the seeds that you felt the need with yogurt as well.