Thursday, August 7, 2008

Change of Plans

I am a planner. It is the very essence of my being and so I am constantly amazed at how good I am at changing all of my carefully laid plans at a moment's notice. I suppose the root cause of that lovely character trait is that I am also a really big fan of change. In fact, I love it so much I find it very difficult to stay in one place for very long (unless that place is my big, beautiful, gray, velvet sofa ... or is it a couch? and what is the difference between a sofa and a couch anyway?). It is for this reason that my having stayed in one city let alone one apartment for nearly three years is a real shocker. To be quite honest, I've been feeling a little unbalanced about it. But this week all that balance was returned in a flurry of plan changing.

Right up until Monday afternoon my grand plan for the next two years was to move to Boston and get an MBA. I had an apartment, was registered for classes, had joined online communities and virtually befriended many people I have never met before. Today, four days later, I am sitting in a computer lab at the University of Michigan blogging about change. I have undone all my Boston plans, found a new place to live, registered for classes, joined online communities and am seriously considering virtually befriending about 400 people I have never met.

This week has been crazy and I am being stretched to the limits of my ability to plan on the fly and I am sure that things will get crazier during the next week and a half. I only hope to handle it with poise and grace or at least with a healthy dose of humor.


Zac said...

My personal opinion is that a sofa has 2 cushions and a couch has 3.

Jessica said...

But what if the seat has 2 and the back has 4. Do you see the conundrum?