Thursday, March 12, 2009

Taking Multidisciplinary Action (Week 1)

This term in the good old b-school we are taking multidisciplinary action. We have all been assigned projects at companies around the world and this week we had our project kick off, met all of our faculty advisers and other support personnel, started drawing up our letter of engagement and team charter, assigned project roles and started doing research. My team is assigned to Masco RCG and so we headed off to IKEA, Home Depot and Lowe's to learn about how kitchens are designed and cabinets are ordered. I fell in love with a kitchen in IKEA. Chocolate cabinets with modern lines and white quartz counter tops. It is a deep and abiding love that will one day result in my being the proud owner of such a kitchen. I picked this project because I LOVE cabinets and logistics in manufacturing organizations. Love, love, love. The next month and a half have the potential to be brilliant. The picture at the start of the post is of one of my teammates, Sang Hee, during her first ever trip to a home improvement warehouse. After cost accounting she (and the rest of the MBA1s for that matter) has a special space in her heart for John Deere.

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