Saturday, August 1, 2009

Final Intern Moments

I have completed my summer internship! It went by so fast and I accomplished so much. Linden Place now has a seriously awesome business plan (hopefully a new website is not far behind) and the historic sites in the great state of RI (why is every state a "great state" or are there some states that aren't great?) have training materials on how to create their own business plans and collaborate.

The best part about this summer though, was the team PRI assembled to work on the project. Each of them interesting and accomplished women in their chosen field and wonderful people to work with. On our last day we went out to lunch, got some ice cream and went shoe shopping. Do last days get any better?

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Zac said...

Kansas is not that great of a state, unless you are a big fan of wheat. Maybe include Nebraska in that as well.

oh, and Utah.