Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer = Beach (In Theory)

I lived with my parents this summer while interning in Rhode Island. They live about seven minutes from the beach and the first and only time I went to that beach this summer was on the day I left to drive back to Ann Arbor. What was I thinking?! I could have spent every weekend at the beach. The reality of my summer was that it rained like every day and was unnaturally cool... not at all pleasant for beach going. But the day I stopped by Nantasket Beach was beautiful.
To make up for my beachless summer I took a trip to Panama (in the name of full disclosure this trip was planned long before the beachlessness) where I went to what is, without a doubt, the best beach town I have ever been to. The town was called Bocas del Toro. It was sunny, hot, humid, and the water was like a giant warm bathtub. I went surfing, got sunburned, lounged in the water and ate at ocean side restaurants. Brilliant!
Two days after I returned to the US I got back on a plane to spend a week in Hatteras, NC with a group of friends. We rented a house on the beach and went swimming every day, multiple times a day. We managed to get lots of perfect beach days sandwiched in between two hurricanes / tropical storms.

Now I am back in Ann Arbor where I will be staying ... for at least a few weeks.

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