Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Magical Place

This is a magical place we at the Ross School of Business like to call the "Winter Garden"... never mind that we like to call it that because that is what we have been told it is called. Oddly enough there are no plants. Can a place be a garden if there are no plants? Just one of the profound questions I ponder while sitting here (which I am doing right now... the sitting, not the pondering). Shockingly enough I know many of the people in this picture. For example, the red head with her feet up on the table... I've never talked to her but she is friends with the girl who picked up my blackberry and returned it to me when I dropped it in a lecture hall after hours in the school of education a few months ago so I have to like her plus she always wears scarves and I like scarves. But we were talking about the winter garden. It is our main common space in the new building, the cafeteria is there and there are plugs in the tables so it pretty much satisfies all the needs of your average MBA. Food, power for your laptop and lots of people like you to talk to about things you are mutually interested in - like how to make money and/or get an internship. I really like sitting here. The chairs are comfortable and the ceiling is made of glass which makes it feel like you are outside even when you are desperately trying to avoid ever being outside. I like it so much that I spend all my non-class time here which nets out to several hours a day. Basically what I'm saying is that if you ever need to find me this is where you should look because it is probably where I am. Thank you and goodnight.

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misskate said...

that looks like such a sweet place to study; surrounded by creative energy and sunlight. Miss you too!