Sunday, December 21, 2008

Death and Dying in Canada

Last weekend I took a little road trip to visit my family in Boston and because google maps says it takes less time if you go through Canada that is exactly what I did. Aside from a very confusing border crossing in Detroit it was a very pleasant drive. I quickly got used to having the speed limit be in kilometers (can I just say that having the speed limit be '100' felt great even if I really was only going about 60). That part of Canada is very flat and the sunrise was very pretty. Apparently they enforce the speed limit from the air. I guessing that it is more efficient than using the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Canadians are also very preoccupied with the dangers of driving. They have several very helpful roadsigns to help you avoid dying. These are my favorites.

See what I mean. Very helpful. 

Before crossing back over into the US I stopped at Niagara Falls for a couple of hours to take in the sights and buy a patch for my backpack. The falls were great. I hadn't been in about eight years and I had only ever been in the summer. In the winter the spray from the falls freezes and coats everything in ice. The day I was there is was very cold so I didn't get to do as much walking around as I would have liked.

I took a look at the falls.

Wandered around a bit.

Took a ride in the big enclosed Ferris wheel.

And got some nice aerial shots of the falls. 

After that I crossed back into the US, got asked several awkward questions by the border patrol guy and continued on my way to Boston. As a side note, I stopped at a rest stop somewhere in NY that has a Fuddruckers. It was pretty much amazing though not amazing enough to replace that special rest stop in OH at the top of my list of favorite rest stops. Yes people, there's a list.

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Zac said...

One of my favorite rest areas is the World's largest McDonalds on the Will Rogers turnpike.