Monday, December 29, 2008

My Parents' Dogs

These are my parents' dogs. Shadow is the Gray one and Pippen is the white one. Nearly a week of my winter break was spent hanging out in my parents' house alone taking care of these dogs. 
They are cute and can provide hours of entertainment but by the end of the week I was tired of having them follow me around constantly. They are rescue dogs and therefore have some interesting personality quirks. Shadow seems to be unsure that he will ever eat again and therefore takes advantage of every opportunity to steal food. While I was there he managed to eat an entire container of dried apricots, 1/3 of the Christmas ham, and nearly got a pan full of s'mores cookie bars off the counter. Shadow is also the ultimate cuddler. He's not happy unless he is in contact with someone. Pippen really likes his squeaky toys. He also likes to play catch. So much so that sometimes he plays catch with himself by grabbing a toy, throwing it across the room and then running after it to grab it, shake it, and throw it back to the other side of the room. He also likes to pose for pictures. The moment he heard my camera turn on he would sit very still and look straight at me. I love his ears and his hair. So adorably scruffy. I've uploaded some videos of them playing for your enjoyment. 

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