Friday, July 18, 2008

Anniversary Sale

This weekend is the best weekend at one of my favorite stores. Nordstrom. It is their anniversary sale where they put all the new fall clothes on sale before they are picked over and the only things left aren't your size. My girls, Jamie and Sarah, at the Trish counter did my make up. I look fabulous! I have some fun new shades of eye shadow that I am excited to play with and some new basics ... foundation with all kinds of super additives like spf 15, green tea and antioxidants, black eye liner, my favorite fragrance ... and something called a luminizer pen that make it looks like your face is lit from within. And then there were these ...

... they are quite possibly the best pair of black heels I have ever owned. Shiny, peep toe, buckle around the ankle. Can you ask for anything more?

I decided to take my new Obama shirt out into the open during my little shopping trip. I loved all the reactions! There was this cute old lady who asked me where she could get one, someone that walked up to me and said "we can only hope" and then walked away and one of my friends who told me that she knows him. It was interesting to so publicly declare my desires for the future to a mall full of strangers. I felt like I was exposing my most intimate self without knowing how I would be received.

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