Wednesday, July 9, 2008


That’s right, I’ve been crowned. Or I’ve had my first crown “seated” in its elevated position in my mouth. I am no stranger to dental / orthodontic work having had nearly everything you can throw at a person’s mouth lobbed in my direction. One notable exception to that is headgear. Thank goodness!! The remarkable thing is that, in spite of all my experience, I really don’t mind the dentist. I even kind of like my dentist even though he does that thing where he goes to shake your hand with his palm facing the floor. I once read that this indicates a subconscious feeling that one is superior to the person toward which they are extending their hand. In the arena of oral hygiene I’m sure his subconscious is right about that.

What endeared me to this dentist is that midway through my hour long appointment during which he seated my crown and did six fillings he stops, hands me a mirror and says “I want to show you what I’m doing because I think it makes it more fun for you”. Why on earth would seeing six of my teeth with holes drilled in them make the experience more fun?? Gross, yes, but fun? What can I say? The man likes his work.

On a peculiar side note, this go around my sensitivity to Novocain reached an even stranger level. My nostrils went numb. Not the outside of my nose. Just the nostrils.

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